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TOPIC: What should I do if someone pretends to be a robot

What should I do if someone pretends to be a robot 8 months 3 weeks ago #77

If the suspicion meter of theirs is 6-10, they are at very high risk of botting, however it's recommended not to OSRS Gold jump to conclusions at this point. If the suspicion meters are 11 or higher, they are likely to be bots.

What should I do if someone pretends to be a robot? The first step is to notify them. However, don't ignore or disregard them until you log off. If they start talking, don't miss it. To keep them from becoming confused, shut any doors and gates that are closed when they travel through them. Drop junk objects on squares that they click. This will make them slower and cause an increase in inventory, which in turn will result in more bank trips, and less irritation for you.

Wear colors similar to the ore or trees they are extracting, or the flax they are harvesting. You can lure them to a danger zone or away from you. Modern bots aren't so dumb that this strategy isn't always very effective.

It is possible to put marker seeds on squares they click. There are some macros that follow a specific pattern of clicking. If something is blocking their path, it might distract them by just a couple of pixels. This can cause them to miss clicks in the wrong spots. If you have a pet or summoning familiar, position the familiar in areas where they may be clicking, like on flax. This could confuse them or at least stop them from stealing the item.

Cast telepathy on any member of your world. If they are stupid enough to accept assistance the spot, they will be able to be able to see a huge screen on their screen. They will be able to use their pickaxe/pickaxe/net to Buy RS Gold capture it, which will give them one more storage space in their inventory.
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