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TOPIC: Here are Some of the Things You Need to Know About Fast Fashion

Here are Some of the Things You Need to Know About Fast Fashion 2 years 3 months ago #62

Here are Some of the Things You Need to Know About Fast Fashion
In the past, shopping for clothes used to be a once in a while event – perhaps a couple times in a year when the season called for it or when one had outgrown their current clothes. But this changed about 20 years ago when the world saw an insane reduction in the average cost of clothing which practically created the market for cheap fashion clothing. It was now easier than it had ever been to find cheap trendy women’s clothing and to look and feel as great as the people who spent millions on their looks.

But this has come at a cost to humanity and indeed to the environment in ways that have not fully been explored yet. “Ninacloak” gives you right knowledge on fast fashion.
What does the phrase fast fashion mean?
Fast fashion, as the name probably suggests, refers to cheap fashion clothing that is sampled from the celebrity culture with the production of these trendy garments carried out at insane speeds in order to meet the demands from customers. The goal of fast fashion is to replicate the newest and trendiest fashion, like cheap trendy women’s clothing, as fast as is humanly possible to do so that buyers can rush them and start wearing them while the fashion trend is still the rave.
What do we know about the history of fast fashion?
Well, prior to the 1800s, the world of fashion was slow, drab and uninteresting. If you wanted to look good in clothes, most times you had to source out the fabric by yourself and do the weaving and sewing before you had something that could qualify as clothing.

But with The Industrial Revolution came a host of new technology one of them being the sewing machine which made the production of clothing cheaper, quicker and easier for most people. This was also the advent of dressmaking shops which sprung up in reaction to the new demands and need for clothing by the society’s middle class. From here, factories of garment workers also sprung up and the culture of mass production of clothing, especially in reaction to fashion trends, has since grown into what it is today.
How can one identify a brand involved in fast fashion?
One primary factor common to most fast fashion brands is that they are involved in thousands of styles of cheap fashion clothing and these styles usually touch on all of the newest fashion trends. They are also known to quickly produce a trend clothing and send it to the shelves shortly after it is seen on a celebrity or appears on the catwalk.
How does fast fashion impact our planet?
The impact of fast fashion on the planet cannot really be overstated; it is immense. Because these brands are desperate about reducing costs and speeding up production of the garments, they are more likely to cut environmental corners in order to meet their target. These include the use of toxic and cheap dyes which has severe environmental pollution implications for the planet and even the exploitation of animals.
How does fast fashion impact on workers?
Just like the environment, there is a human cost attached to the advent of fast fashion. The desire to wear cheap trendy women’s clothing and look good in the moment is a costly one. Due to the mostly dangerous environment in which workers in these clothing factories work in, their health and lives are put at immense risk. There is also the additional factor of low and poor wages paid by these fashion brands which make the risk they continually face not worth it.

Fast fashion is really a scourge that we should be worried about and even in the bid to look good, we cannot throw blind eyes to the cost on our planet and on workers.
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