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DIFFERENT TYPES OF SHIRTS 1 year 1 month ago #69

Shirts and T-shirts are the basic outfits that should e present in the wardrobe of every man because they are casual top wear that can be matched with different types of bottom wear. When speaking about shirts there are still many different types of options available in this category from simple men’s polo shirts to overrated men’s crop tops let us have a glance at some of these options. Has a note some of these tops are best for formal uses and some are best for informal ways,

Let us have a glance at different types of shirts and t-shirts that are available for men in the fashion market,
·        Polo shirts: one of the basic types of collar shirts that suit best if you are planning to go for a picnic with your company business partners or to play a golf match. Has the name suggests these shirts were originally manufactured for the royal houses who were involved in playing polo games traditionally at the beginning they were knitted from the hands but now they are being manufactured in bulk and also exported from the factories. Even some bear the symbol of the royal house.

·        V neck t-shirts: This is considered one of the basic styles that are present in most men's wardrobes. They are exactly the most basic outfit compared to the men’s polo shirts. They are easy to match with any type of bottoms from jeans to khaki shorts but for the fact it is their simplicity that makes them named has simple outfit even different types of printings can be done on these t-shirts to make them look cooler.

·        Hoodies: They are the popular unisex styles that have been introduced in the market and for the fact that they suit best even when worn on a simple pair of jeans. The hoodie fashion has been in the market for quite some time now but still, it is considered the comfortable and most basic top look for winter or rainy wear.
·        Crop Tops: Men’s crop tops have undergone many controversies before after they were launched in the market but for the mentality o many people that this outfit can be a choice for your sexual preferences which is exactly not true. Attaching the religious and cultural beliefs to the outfits has been going on for many centuries but for sure it has never been mentioned as a sign of sexuality.

People from any country and dress up in any type of outfit they find perfect themselves in but for the fact they should make you feel at ease and also helps you to feel comfortable at the same time. Different types of clothes are introduced in the market just for you to choose the clothing that you find best for yourself and not to support any types of leads and beliefs. The above mentioned are only the handpick choice there are even hundreds of styles out there n the market that you might truly find attractive and best fit.
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